After losing 45 lbs (192 > 147) and nailing (lolz) the Jesus on the cross look, I've decided that my body is far too skinny. My chest, arms, and legs are super defined, but I'm now on an adventure to bulk up to John Cena levels.

I've already doubled up on exercise, started to push my running much more than normal, and increased my calorie intake. Not one day passes where various parts of my body aren't sore. It feels great! Think I'll do this until 160-ish and see if that gets me to a good place.

Routine (14apr2022)

  • Core Focused & HIIT
  • Run (Fast, 3.1 mi+)
  • Arms Focused & HIIT
  • Elliptical (45 min @ 75+% HR)
  • Shoulders Focused & HIIT
  • Run (Long, 5 mi+)
  • Chest Focused & HIIT