3D printing is amazing! I absolutely love how it always seems to fix the smallest of problems in very creative ways.

We were fortunate enough to pick up a second-hand Nespresso machine last week. The owner wasn't sure if it worked, but after messing around with the pump for a bit, it perked up (pun intended). Since then, we've been shopping around for "pods" and testing which flavors and types are most palatable.

Our daily lives are fueled 100% by homemade cold brew, so we're incredibly picky about our coffee choices. Fortunately, the Nespresso offerings aren't that bad. The Starbucks and Pete's pods are nothing short of horrific (burn in hell, Pike's Peak), but the Nespresso branded ones don't make you cringe and hate life during a cup. The only problem we have now is having easy access to our pods.

There exist a multitude of 3D printed dispensing options from Nespresso fans online. So a quick 24-hour print and some cursing at some printer extruder failures later, we now have a pretty clever solution hanging up next to the miniature coffee machine. Not bad for $40 and some leftover filament.