This Synology DS420+ is easily the slowest, most useless piece of shit I've had the displeasure to use. Perhaps if you have a lot of patience, don't care about spending money, and just want very minimal basics, this would be the tool for you? Although, I'd honestly save that money and just get an external hard drive instead.

The Synology NAS technically took over two hours to get their "Photos" app installed and running. I say technically, because that's when my patience ran out, and I shut it off. While it was doing that, I spent some good time playing around with its sharing capabilities and package manager.

Their selection of apps is fairly adequate and even includes Docker install with a limited UI. Simply having Docker opens up many possibilities. Unfortunately, as soon as I spun up a basic SyncThing container, a third of the available RAM was immediately spoken for.

This is where the device fails the most. How can a $500+ NAS (with no drives) only contain a low-end Celeron processor and 2 GB of RAM? I can only assume there would be less performance issues if a customer were to drop significantly more on a higher end model... but why? There are so many options for building your own awesome, easily upgradable, NAS and come in way under $600.

Adding on top of this fart pile, the sharing options are nothing short of a joke. To use their sharing system effectively, you must forget everything you've ever learned about Unix-based sharing and permissions. Since the entire system is in a dumbed down, emoji-like UI, you must do things their way, or it won't work properly.

This is being returned to Amazon on Tuesday, and I'll have a smile on my face when it's handed over to UPS.