One of the more fun tools in my collection is the Prusa MK3 3D printer. It's always fun to design something, or grab a random widget on Thingiverse, then see it (very) slowly come to life in plastic form. The cool thing about this particular printer is that upgrades, no matter how minor a revision may be, can be mostly done by printing new pieces. It's a situation where the device upgrades itself.

This year's revision is the MK3S+. It doesn't sport a lot of neat new updates that end users "must" have, but it's always fun to tweak to make things better. The picture above shows the different generational updates through various filament colors. The orange is the original MK3, the blue is the MK3S, and the green is the MK3S+.

They've fallen into naming convention the trap that Apple did, but at least these machines are worth the price of admission.