Bickity Bam!

Now chicken thighs I can nail perfectly. Season them 15-30 minutes early with a rub that compliments chicken well, smoke them over peach at 225° until they hit 145° internal, slather them in a sweet bbq sauce, take them to 155°, disassemble the smoker so it looks like a hot ass grill, sear them on both sides until they look fucking awesome, then rest for 10-15 minutes.

The trick is to slowly bring them up to temp and BICKITY BAM them in the face with an open portal to hell. The best part is the crunch made from caramelizing the BBQ sauce sugars. Wow I'm hungry and they just now finished...

As noted in my wiki, chicken thighs are that much better when taken to 175°. I ain't no botanist, but higher temps work out great.