Microsoft so desperately wants people to use its search engine, that they're willing to actually pay for searches. Many have taken advantage of this and earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards. The rest of us nerds have automated it while pulling in thousands of dollars from multiple accounts.

Now I've had everything from apps on my phone to web services and python scripts that will do the searches for me, but it's a constant cat and mouse game with Microsoft shutting these down since they obviously want to protect their interests.

My most recent Python script sat on a VPS and automatically ran every morning. I'd check in once a month and redeem a gift card or two. This is mostly harmless, since I'm not the most upstanding citizen alive. Although, the type of automation used eventually was blocked by Microsoft and I had finally called it a day on getting free stuff.

Well, I got bored and tried to find another solution. Long story short: there is a great alternative available, and it's practically undetectable. If this proves to work well for a week, I'll spin up a Windows VM and use Edge to get even more points.