My journey to completely de-Google-ize is coming along nicely. I won't feel free until my tech life is free of Google tracking and Google apps. I've already removed all of Apple, Facebook, and Twitter garbage, so Google is the only one remaining.

A year or two ago, I stopped using Google Drive and Google Photos cold turkey. However, the main problem with not using Google Photos is not being able to see or quickly access photos with clear organization.

Currently, my NAS is set up to instantly backup any photo taken on my phone and place it into tidy year+month folders, but that adds complications when trying to find a specific picture. The good news is, having a NAS affords many options when it comes to managing your data.

Thankfully, I'm not the only person tired of Google apps. There exists entire communities that spend their free time and energy developing replacements to "essential" apps like Google Photos. PhotoPrism is one such example.

Given a quick docker-compose file and a read-only NFS share, it's quick to get up and running with a good enough photo organization replacement. It's obvious that quite a bit of care went into PhotoPrism as there are a lot of features and support available for those need it.

Alternative software is at a point where I have no interest in going back to Google managed apps. My next journey is to wipe my phone and use an alternative OS.