While most people are looking for bigger and more expensive toys to use once or twice, I'm on a never ending quest to simplify life. For example, homemade pizza can be both challenging and incredibly rewarding, but has a major drawback of taking a lot of time and effort.

This week, I picked up a 16x9 pizza pan that is typically used for "Detroit" style pizzas. I honestly could give half a rats ass about these names and "unique" styles people come up with, so the new pan was used to make a standard pepperoni.

All things considered, it came out really well. The assembly and cleanup was easy, and it was trivial to lay the dough flat on the bottom of the pan. In the end, my wife didn't care for the crispy Parmesan around the edges, and the dough recipe wasn't one of my favorites (link). I believe this method has become our Friday night dinner routine. No complaints here.