Just realized that I'm ironically more green than much of the Bay Area. Pseudo-hippies out here talk (i.e. yell, complain) about climate issues and being green, but it seems like I'm leading the pack with my purchase decisions.

For example, my car is an EV, but it's seven years old. Plus, I have no interest in replacing it any time soon. It may need a battery replacement at some point, but it runs just fine. Some of my coworkers have upgraded their Teslas to the newest model twice already. Maybe they wanted newer sensors or some nonsense.

Secondly, I just picked up a used, three-year-old Pixel 4 as my main phone. People out here always need to have the latest and greatest, but I'm more than content with buying older hardware if it fits my requirements better than newer ones.

Don't worry. I'm still eating 3x the amount of meat to offset these vegan weirdos, and none of my trash makes it anywhere near those blue bins. It's just interesting that for someone that avoids soap-boxing the 'crisis of the week', my major purchases are considerably better for the planet.