News is so much friendlier when you remove all the nonsense. I run my own news aggregator at since RSS isn't a dead medium yet. Users can still get all their information in an easily consumable way, but sometimes the fire hose of information is simply too overwhelming.

Google News, for example, throws everything at you non-stop. They filter out conservative news pretty hard, but there is still so much crap that comes through, users can't be expected to read it all.

Google News regularly tops out at 500-600 articles a day even with heavy filtering

My news aggregator allows regex filtering across all new articles that come in. This allows unique controls over what you see and what you don't.

I filter out as much celebrity gossip, sports, and politics as possible. Although, this still allows ~600 articles a day from Google News - which is currently a massive amount of vaccination and "delta variant" fearmongering. There is also a large quantity of Apple news, as if Google is advertising for them. Olympics status updates are getting out of hand too.

This week I've added "delta variant", "fauci", "olympics", and "vaccine", and this dropped the daily 600+ articles to a meager ~40.

Google News was renamed to "News - Left" for organizational purposes

No wonder it's all that anyone talks about. With that much crap thrown in your face every day, that's all anyone knows and gets stressed over. After removing 94% (!!!) of that from my news articles, my stress is lower, and my free time has increased.

Man... fuck the news.