This time last year, I weighed ~192 lbs, drank nightly, ate a ton of BBQ, and had absolutely no energy to speak of. You'd think eating and drinking all day would make one happy, but it turns out, that's not the case. All I ended up with was high blood pressure and uncomfortable, sleepless nights. My doctor put me on various blood pressure medications, but they ultimately made me feel like dog shit.

So instead of giving in and living with my new health issues, I decided to get back in shape with the goal of simply feeling better. A few months later, I'm running a 5K every other day, am significantly stronger from daily exercises, and have dropped to my (original) goal weight of 165. My new goal is 160, but that's still a few weeks away [edit: completed on 20Aug, new goal: 154].

I've learned so much about myself while tracking every granular piece of data. For example, my overall BMR is ~2,495 calories and my fitness tracker is ~0.47% higher in "calories burned" than actual. Some other interesting results from this journey:


  • Total LBs Lost: 16.5
  • Average Calories Consumed Daily: 1,940
    • Breakfast: 131
    • Lunch: 564
    • Dinner: 1,245
  • Calories Burned: 57,750 over 105 days
  • Average Weekly Loss: 1.1 lbs.
  • BMI Change: -2.3

Another thing learned is that everyone is different and that you don't need fancy, expensive equipment to lose weight. The most money I had spent was on a treadmill, but the rest of my equipment consists of a few light dumbbells, a floor mat, and two Android apps. The only thing you need is will power and motivation to push yourself. My next goal is a 10K in September, and I'm really excited to do it!