Made another phone mount, but this time it saved us over $80.

We're taking a road trip next week and I needed a phone mount for the drive. As I had mentioned before, ProClip makes excellent stuff, but they charge a lot for their custom plastic solutions. Despite the cost, I decided to put in a rush order for delivery this week. It turns out that they're back-ordered and don't know when they'll be receiving more. I immediately cancelled my order and decided to hit the ol' CAD / 3D printer once more.

The design took a lot of trial and error, but it turned out solid. The phone fits within a millimeter of tolerance and has just the right viewing angle. In fact, I designed it in numerous pieces, so they can all be tweaked to anyone's preference. I'll be putting the design in entirety on Thingiverse, so other makers could potentially get some use out of it too.