At this point in writing for my site, I don't even try to make the title reference anything close to the content. It started off by naming posts something tangentially related, but now it's just an abrupt end to my stream of thoughts - similar to my fingers yelling "No whammy STOP!" Don't try to unravel the mystery. It'll only end in despair and wasted time. Just sit back and enjoy the photos of yummy food.

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm in love with my new food distributor. Practically every night I get the opportunity to cook something different. Granted I've done tri-tip countless times, tonight's dinner was certainly the best one yet.

The temps were all over the place tonight in the Kettle, but they managed to stay around a low 250. The chunk of prime beef was seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onion, cherry powder, habanero powder, a bit of sugar, and there was some cherry wood smoking over the coals. It took a few hours longer than normal because my dumb ass turned the vent the wrong direction - causing the fire to go out. Somehow it still came out great and didn't end up being jerky. After all, today is a lucky day.