Our kids have a knock-off Chinesium play set that takes a lot of liberties from Jurassic Park toys - but without all the pesky license fees. I honestly couldn't care less about the legalities, but it does mean that toys like this need to be repaired much more often.

So of course the iconic "Jurassic Park" gate snapped off when their motorized car drove through it a few times. I muttered my catchphrase, "Thankfully we have a 3D printer!" and sat my ass in front of Fusion 360 to figure out how to fix it.

A few measurements here and some crazy glue there, we were back up in running as soon as the glue set. It was a pain in the ass to re-assemble, but that's what you get with knock-off overseas stuff. Either way, the kids are happy and dad can have his coffee.