Fuck Nest. They consistently make awful products with a terrible user experience.

We have 3 ea. Nest thermostats, a few Nest cameras, and I've been a beta-tester of "Nest Secure." All three of these products are steaming piles of garbage - with the exception when Nest thermostat decides to be a basic thermostat and not second guess normal human comfort.

In a gift giving mood, I decided to grab a three pack of "Nest Temperature Sensors" so my son's room could avoid Northern California chill at night. Two of the three couldn't see our nearest thermostat after setup and just sat there with a dumbass blue "oops try again" screen.

There's nothing more anger-inducing then spending money on a shit product only to have it say "oops" with a sad face. Against my better judgement, I packed them up with a picture of my middle finger, and returned them first thing. These would have served better as clay pigeons for shotgun practice.

Fuck you Nest.