Did something today that I wouldn't normally do. I used a butcher style steak seasoning mix on a NY before tossing it on the grill. Now normally, I can't stand the flavor of burned seasoning, so salt is exclusive to meat before it gets close to the fire. However, laziness won out today, so we get this medium-rare+ dinner steak pictured below.

I had the Weber Kettle slowly creep up from 200° to 350° over the course of 35 minutes with some cherry and pecan wood over the coals. The gradual incline gave the cut enough chance to slow cook until 126°. After that, it was introduced to Mr. Fieryasshole and seared until it was pretty. The only downside is that it didn't get good lookin' until the meat was ~132°. After it rested, it was probably right at the border of mid-rare, but it was still pretty fuckin good.

The seasoning was clearly burned and not fresh, but it didn't taste bad because of it. Oh well. Now I need some ice cream.