As we get older, we're thinking more and more about being healthy - keywords: "think about it." Often the gap between healthy and happy is a fairly large leap that I'm not willing to take.

Let's take food as today's example. This week, we had a small delivery of "Impossible Meat" directly from their website. It was only after watching a few YouTube videos claim this meat alternative was the second coming of Jebus, that I instantly became curious how close to actual meat it truly is. My wife and I have had "Beyond Meat" a few times at fast food locations, but that's not giving meat alternatives an honest shot.

So I fired up the grill, smoked some patties over cherry, seared over oak, added salt / pepper / garlic, melted non-vegan American cheese on top, then put the "burger meat" on a toasted brioche bun with mustard, ketchup, lettuce, and a slice of red onion.

These weren't the worst things ever, but they weren't good tasting by any means. At least they didn't find themselves in the garbage can as expected. It took some mental gymnastics, but eventually I tricked my brain into accepting that what was in my mouth wasn't meat - and wasn't supposed to be. These patties were healthy, plant-based, flavorless discs, with a wet newspaper aftertaste, and the texture of a Nerf Football. Thankfully, everything else on the burger took away from the downsides of the "meat." I was able to finish the burger in its entirety with only minor struggle.

We still have 1.5lbs remaining of this stuff and will likely use it in some hard shell tacos next. I'm curious what we'll think of it when there are no other flavor distractions on the plate...