I just want to be on the record that I don't want or need the Covid vaccination. My health is fairly top-notch and there are no underlying health conditions that would place me in an at-risk category.  

It's interesting that despite spending time and energy eating right and staying in shape, that I'm averaged with the rest of the overweight, panicked Americans that would crumble under any additional health complications. It also doesn't help that our current political climate has made this "vaccination" mandatory, and are doing everything in their power to get 100% compliance.

This shot is nothing more than a prevention of serious complications that could potentially lead to hospitalization. It doesn't make you immune. It doesn't keep you from spreading it. Furthermore, it doesn't make you invincible. Not getting the "vaccine" doesn't mean I'm killing your grandma, nor does it put anyone else at risk. My health decisions are my health decisions. Corporations and our government have no right making these choices for us.

For younger & healthy people, getting sick with Covid would simply kick their ass for two weeks. I'm absolutely willing to accept that. My few lifelong nurse friends that work front line ICU (that have been working way too much overtime), agree and respect my decision to not get the shot. They "highly encourage" otherwise, but generally state that there is no major issue if I were to get sick.

That's not what we have here in Northern California - where panic and repeating mainstream media talking points is a way of life. Not only has my work badge been revoked for "vaccine policy non-compliance", but I'm looking at getting fired within the next few months if my opinion doesn't change. This is not how you maintain employee loyalty or general respect for authority. People can't be simplified into mere percentage points. We're human beings. We deserve to be treated as unique individuals with the power to make our own decisions - no matter how stupid they may be.

Long gone are the days of "we're all in this together" and "vaccination is your choice." Now it's become, "You're either with us or against us. You don't want to be against us."

So now I'm forced to go against my personal judgement and schedule my Covid shot. To put it simply, I've lost all respect for the company that I've given a decade of my life to, and the government for whom, I had served active duty under during 9/11.

I just want to be clear. It's not the shot I have issue with. It's the abysmal execution that is causing so much anger and resentment.