Maybe my meat ordering is getting a little out of hand. This bone-in ribeye was 2.2lb before cooking and had me a little nervous going in. It was grilled the same as any other steak is done - slowly bring up to temperature over smoke, then sear the ever loving hell out of it.

I don't usually like putting seasoning on before the cook, but despite burning the pepper slightly during the sear, the seasoning made an excellent crust to compliment the fat. While it was resting, I sprinkled on some more pepper, salt, and a thin layer of cayenne. There's honestly no better bite in this world than a mouthful of spicy fat and salt. Keep your cookies, ice cream, cheese, and other "necessities." Just give me a bucket of salt and fat!

This was clearly not a calorie friendly meal. It looks like I'll be exercising a little harder in the morning!