I've recently switched over to GrapheneOS and installed only privacy focused apps on the new install. This exercise has opened my eyes to quite a few issues, that are now thankfully addressed.

#1. LastPass
I'm a big supporter of LastPass for many reasons, but I've always wondered if there is a solution that puts me in control of my data's security. According to Awesome Privacy and a lot of users on Reddit, Bitwarden is the way to go. Unfortunately, their self-hosted option is way too convoluted. KeePass, however, is a much better alternative for what I am looking for.

KeePass allows the creation and control over an encrypted database file. This file can be backed up and saved like any other file, but most importantly, can be imported into cross-platform apps.

#2. 2FA
Google Authenticator is clearly garbage, and I cringe even mentioning it.

I've used (and preached) Authy for years, but it wasn't until I wanted to export saved keys was it obvious that users aren't in control of their data. More on that in a bit...

Now Aegis, on the other hand, is exactly what I'm looking for. It's open source and allows for import and export of your data – again, so it can be backed up like any other file.

So getting my keys out of Authy was a giant pain in the ass. First, I needed to install the Windows desktop version of the app, login, close it, add a debug flag to startup, re-open it, navigate around the browser's developer options, insert a massive string of Javascript into the console, and print my keys to screen. From there, I was able to have the app add the QR codes and backup to encrypted .JSON. If you want the full instructions, go here. I owe this guy a six-pack.

Why is it necessary to do that? Clearly it's possible, and the developers decided to not include an "Export" function because it's better for their bottom line. Nope! Not having that. Customer lost and not looking back.