It's not really "cooking", but close enough.

I'm a huge fan of sushi and unfortunately the local meat selection here in Northern California isn't exactly "good." The highest quality option, Costco, requires a ton of energy, time, money, and stress. After fighting parking, crowds, and cart rage, you'll walk away with ribs, carne asada, tri-tip, and brisket as their selection is very limited. These trips are great for large backyard BBQ's, but fairly pathetic if you want to branch with new options.

Recently I found an online distributor with amazing prices. I immediately threw a lump of cash their way and grabbed everything from swordfish, tuna, and cod, to ribeyes, filets, chicken breasts, and ground turkey. I'm in love and there's a constantly stocked freezer that is very happy.

This also solves California's new dumbass rule of banning pork. I should sell bacon out of the trunk of my car and retire.