This movie had promise, but came prepared with a predictably blah ending. While the first two thirds ran, my mind was racing with the possible ways they could have concluded their journey. However, during the last third of the film, I spent a good deal of time reading news on my phone. It was only when the corner of my eye picked up rolling credits did I realize it was over.

The movie gave us three main characters - each with their own super human PhD specialties. This group of geniuses are on a two-year-long journey to Mars, so they can do undisclosed nerd stuff on another planet. Along the way, some dipshit falls out of the ceiling after getting stuck. Since their life-support systems only support three people, one must go.

It reminds me of Aliens without the aliens, Gravity without excitement, The Martian without Mars, or Interstellar without all the pretentious douche. The only reason worth watching is to put yourself in their position and to see how they eventually addressed the problem. You'd think these three, mission focused, highly educated people, that not only dedicated their lives to furthering mankind, but gave up two years for history's longest road trip, would have made an intelligent decision and immediately eliminated the root cause of their life-threatening problem.

Long story short, the doctor lady sacrificed herself because the ending needed to feel sad. It wouldn't have been as interesting to a wider audience if they murdered the new guy within the first hour of the film. Although that would have made a lot more sense and been a properly calculated decision.

Despite being highly educated and packed with medical resources to give herself a painless death, she opted to have the Sun's radiation kill her while sad music and credits played. Neat...