Does anyone care about phone updates anymore? Pixel5 details leaked today, and while I admit how much interest news like this sparked in years past, I honestly couldn't give half a shit now. Phones are the most uneventful, least creative, and most mundane yearly product launch - yet they are also one of the most expensive for consumers.

Apple saw this trend coming many years ago and have since tried to pivot into services. They decided that milking consumers monthly for mediocre services, rather than their yearly wallet colonoscopy, would be a much more lucrative business model. Google on the other hand, have yet to adapt their products to an ever-changing consumer landscape.

If it wasn't for Maps, Search, YouTube, and Android, Google would go under in a maybe a few years time. They've become a former shell of their previously famous Willy Wonka / startup persona, and now only roll out uncreative updates to products as if there was a dimly-lit 1984 assembly line behind the scenes. This is clearly evident in their inability to develop a coherent and useful messaging platform, the slow destruction of Gmail, and the constant sunsetting of actually useful products.

The future of consumer technology is bleak at best. We need another Steve Jobs visionary era.