When you get older, things inevitably fall apart. Teeth are a perfect example. Last week I was eating a soft bean and cheese burrito, and suddenly my #14 (top left molar) caved in and exposed the bare nerve. Evidently, there was a cavity inside the tooth that weakened the outer enamel, causing its destruction.

Above is a picture of the giant hole left behind from eating that evil burrito. The outer layers make it look like a pair of pliers, but you can see the dark spot that is the nerve. It needed drilling, some packing materials, sanding, replacement of the roots, caulk, grout, and a temporary filling to get back into shape.

The best part of getting older is that everyone wants to give you drugs. After the three hours of repair work was done, I spent the rest of the day high as a kite. Can't wait until something else breaks. I could use a refill on my meds.