A few days ago, there was a whole chicken on the rotisserie, and it was looking real good. Now, the downside of a spinning grill is that it needs continual temperature checks throughout. A wired thermometer won't exactly stay in without getting wrapped up. So every time I went out, more and more yellow jackets realized there was a delicious chicken outside. The longer it cooked, the more yellow jackets appeared. I was able to fight them off in the beginning when their numbers were single digits, but nearly two hours in, it was unbearable. It was hardly safe enough to go outside, let alone take out a large, sweaty, cherry infused chicken.

Eventually I managed to swat them away with my spatula and brave the swarm to grab dinner. Both the chicken and I came out okay. They clearly get very aggressive when there's food within reach.

To help fix this new pest problem, my wife and I put out four bottles filled with chicken meat that was covered in a slow acting poison. The idea is that they'll take the poison back to the nest and kill the rest. However, the problem was with the deployment. By the time I was placing the third bottle, my wife and I were already getting swarmed. We quickly decided to leave the last bottle on the ground and get back indoors.

I'm excited to see the results tomorrow because their numbers have increased significantly over the last few weeks.