One of my favorite games of all time is Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening. It's one of those perfect games that not only reminds you of playing it 20 years ago on the GameBoy Color, but also has enough challenge to keep you wanting more. Solving the puzzles and finding hidden secrets never gets old with any Zelda game, and this one is easily the best in the series.

So I finally beat the Switch version this afternoon. A few extra minutes each poop was enough play time to breeze through it in a few days. Overall, it has some major improvements, but also has enough flaws to make me wish I was playing the original. For example, they removed the annoying Acorn / Triangle text waiting times and the screen scrolling is a very welcome addition. However, the $%&# horse statues are a massive pain in my ass, the blurred edges of the screen (which simulate small size) are distracting, and they crippled running, making it more hassle than it is worth. They did add dungeon making if you're into that, but it's just tacked on for marketing bullet points.

It's still a perfect game despite the changes and always fun to play through once in a while.